NOTEGA is a non-profit organization committed to ending the abuse and financial exploitation of Elderly and Disabled Adults through education outreach and by creating a single voice calling for National and State Reforms to protect America’s vulnerable citizens in Guardianships and Conservatorships and in our communities.


We envision an environment for elderly and disabled adults where these vulnerable citizens do not unnecessarily lose their rights and where their declared wishes are honored and respected; we envision an environment where their friends and families have rights; and an environment where perpetrators cannot use the systems and laws set up to protect the elderly to perpetrate further abuse upon them and to exploit their estates. We envision


The National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse’s (NOTEGA) goal is to work to educate public and private citizens about the problems of Elder Abuse and Exploitation. We will conduct research looking for practical solutions to address the problems in guardianships and conservatorship and we will work to create a unified voice calling for meaningful and real reform at State and National Levels.


The National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse (NOTEGA) was founded by Latifa Ring and is led by family members whose loved ones have been victims of abuse under a guardianship or conservatorship and who have themselves become secondary victims of litigation and guardianship abuse.


The National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse (NOTEGA) initially started off as a vision in late 2006 when the founder (Latifa Ring) connected with several other victims and found that there were many other people who were suffering from abuses of the guardianship and conservatorship systems in many other States. The more they talked and the more research that was done the more we began to realize that the systemic problems in guardianship were so deep and so bad that it would take more than incremental change to fix it. It became clear after talking to professionals, victims, lawmakers and anyone else who would listen that we would all continue to suffer and our parents would too until this monster was attacked from a National Level and brought out of the shadows.

In 2008 a group was formed the National Elder Abuse and Guardianship Victims Task Force for Change (NEAGVT) and decided to attempt to get Elder Abuse and Guardianship Abuse addressed by our leaders in Washington. An opportunity presented itself whereby everyday American Citizens could submit Platform Proposals to the DNC Platform Committee. The group also contact the RNC Platform Committee but was unable at the time to produce a video version of the proposal in time. An online request was submitted to the RNC and a written proposal was sent to the DNC Platform Committee. It was that proposal that largely influence the addition of the phase “we will work to end the abuse of the elderly” to the Platform.

Since late 2008 we have continued our call for change and have continued to call for one unified voice demanding national and state reforms to address the horrific crime of Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation of the Elderly in Guardianships.

In late 2009 the National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas.

Contact us : Email your suggestions or Feedback to info@endguardianshipabuse.org


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